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Contact Us

Now, no matter you are in Malaysia or Singapore, you can always contact 11SGD in following ways:


1. Contact Online Customer Service (10:00 am to 8:30 pm)

During working time, you will get fastest response from online customer service; otherwise you can leave a message on website.

Note: You can contact online customer service anytime if he/she is online, even after 8:30 pm.


2. Ask a question in Messages

You can find our response in My account>Information>My enquires after you login, your enquiry generally get response in 2-6 hours.


3. By SMS or call 

If you want to call us, please leave a message with your HP and suitable talking time, we will contact you ASAP.

Chinese customer service: (+86)15394206493

Malaysia: 011-24041552

Singapore: +65-85950760

Note: Please contact online customer service to get fastest response, SMS response time might be as long as 12 hours.



4. Email Us

Email Address: 11sgd@vip.163.com (Please note service@11sgd.com is not available from 2013/1/1)

Please add 11sgd@vip.163.com to your trusted list so you wont miss our email.


5. Instant Messaging Tools

QQ Customer Service 1: 1789411

QQ Customer Service 2: 6446811

Contact Us:11sgd@vip.163.com;SMS:85950760,011-24041552; QQ:1789411,6446811